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The shack was created by Green Oak Construction. A Douglas Fir framework and cladding with corrugated slate blue roof adds to the versatility of the Retreat as a venue. It offers an outside sheltered place where a bar or musicians could set up, or quite simply another space for guests to mingle whilst enjoying the lakeside views. (Updated photos will be posted)


Having had a 23 ton track machine in to pull out a new lake, give this lake a couple of years to mature and it will prove to be a great backdrop and fishing lake!


Archery golf is a fun new activity brought to you by Field of Dreams. It is a perfect activity for a family, group of friends or even as part of a stag & hen party!

The object of the game is to shoot your way around the 9 hole course, shooting your arrow into the hole (60 cm hula hoop) in under the designated number of shots. Just like golf but with a bow and arrow instead!

Our new Rolan ‘Snake’ recurve bows provide an excellent bow to complete the course offering only 18lb draw weight (easily drawn for women and children 8 years and above).

Groups of up to 8-10 persons can navigate their way around the short course with a member of our team to ensure safety.

Can you shoot birdie, eagle, albatross or be our first to shoot a ‘hole-in-one’ and break the course record set of -9 PAR?


featured-on-onefabday-2014Field of Dreams featured on One Fab Day

It was the atmosphere of Field of Dreams that stole Darren and Sarah’s heart and made it the perfect venue for them…

“The venue was just so different to any we had seen before, it was an amazing site that made you feel, even from day one of planning that it was a space that naturally should be filled with people you love having a great time. At one point in the night we went for a walk over to the far side of the lake and looking back at the fairy lit venue and hearing the laughter and all the fun our guests were having was incredible.”